Melissa Ballard

Melissa Ballard

Coach, Yoga Instructor

I don’t worry about the weight my body can move but I am proud of the dedication, consistency and effort I have committed to. I always get my training sessions in, even when life is busy. I don’t make excuses and I show up for myself no matter what.


200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

About Coach

I began working and training at a gym 20 years ago. While working at that gym many years ago, two teacher clients encouraged me to become a teacher and start substitute teaching for them. I was currently getting my Master’s in Dietetics but I gave it a go. I fell in love with teaching, switched gears over to education and have been a teacher ever since. While I do teach first grade full time, coaching others is my “passion paycheck” and brings me so much fulfillment to help make women strong. I have been teaching Yoga for 10 years. I love yoga for myself and I love offering a space for balance, mobility and inner care to others.

Turning Point

Ten years ago I had to get my Thyroid removed and it changed everything for me. Before this, I loved endurance running and crazy metabolic workouts. After the surgery, that style of training sent me into full adrenal fatigue and every workout sent me backwards. I had to totally change the way I trained and finally went back to good old fashioned weight lifting. These days I approach my training with a long term goal in mind versus what I could punish my body with for the day. My training motto now is “No ego, no problem!”

Motivation & Passion

Fitness isn’t free! Skinny can be free for some but fitness must be earned. The pride, confidence and sense of accomplishment that comes with showing up for yourself, earning that fitness, and seeing what your body can do is so motivating and I just love building that in others!

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