Terah Culley

Terah Culley



Crossfit level 1 certification

Crossfit Kids certification

BLS certification

About Coach

I started my fitness journey over 12 years ago at Crossfit Redding and coached there for numerous years. I've competed in many Crossfit competitions and did Regional competitions with a local Crossfit Gym. I met my husband at Crossfit and together we have 5 amazing kids. I currently am in Nursing school and will be done this year. I've always loved fitness and how the human body moves. Finding Femfit has been amazing, the finesse that Femfit brings to highlight women's strength inside and out has been great to be a part of.

Turning Point

My turning point was after I had my second shoulder surgery that completely tore my rotator cuff. I realized I wasn't getting any younger and it's time to start taking care of my body instead and it forced me to change how I approach my workouts. Femfit is great because it pushes you to be better and get stronger and faster without feeling like I'm going to damage my body.

Motivation & Passion

Helping people reach their physical goals and do things they never thought they could. It's a great feeling as a coach when your client gets their first pullups, or set a new PR on a lift they've always wanted.

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