Kaitlyn Jarrett

Kaitlyn Jarrett

Coach, Olympic Lifting Specialist, Nutrition Coach

Squat: 388

snatch: 211

clean & jerk: 257


CrossFit Level 1 certificate

USAW Level-1 Certification

About Coach

Life is crazy. Growing up participating in every sport imaginable including horses has taught me so many different coaching cues, brought me important life lessons, and made me an athlete. I was an Olympic-style weightlifter from the age of 12 to when I was 19. I started qualifying for national meets and earned medals at those across the country. I then qualified for international Team USA for youth and junior meets. In 2016 I went to Guatemala for the youth Pan-American championships where I placed 4th overall. In 2017 I went to Ecuador for junior Pan-American championships where I earned a bronze medal in the snatch. Later in 2017 I also went to Japan for Junior Worlds where I placed 9th overall. I’ve also had the opportunity to train at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs as well as Rogue Fitness Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. After high school, I earned a weightlifting scholarship to Marian University in Indianapolis, Indiana where I continued my lifting career short term. Olympic Weightlifting led the path to some of my favorite memories and life lessons. I’m forever grateful for my opportunities but now I’m moving on to a new stage of life; motherhood and being a coach.

Turning Point

Being a competitive weightlifter for 7 years took a toll on my body physically and mentally. I loved the sport but battled with burnout and minor injuries throughout my career. I finally decided to stop lifting after my back injury was getting serious and I was so mentally exhausted from this sport. My injury eventually led to back surgery and I was filled with so much doubt recovering knowing I may not be able to enjoy my hobbies or activities the same. But here I am! I’m back in the gym working out, riding my horses, being a mom, and enjoying all of my hobbies just how I was before my life-changing surgery. Fear and doubt are things we deal with in life, but sometimes with time and a mental attitude change, we can conquer the things we once thought impossible.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to share a positive atmosphere encouraging others that they get to work out and use their bodies. I know what it’s like to go through life and have so many worries and thoughts, but for the time we are working out we seem to let it go and focus on our bodies. I love hearing about people’s fitness journeys or helping them start one. It’s so fun to watch people improve themselves mentally and physically for a better quality of life.

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